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10 Basic Diving Hand Signals – Diving Survival

10 Basic Diving Hand Signals – Diving Survival 

Communication is a form of interaction involved in our daily life. It helps us to better understand each other. That is why communication is important even when you are underwater, simple hand signals can help to understand if everything is alright or not.

Check out this 10 basic diving hand signals! How many signals do you know?

1. I am OK!

This OK sign is also used even when you are on land. It can be used to response a question by telling OK or indicate you are alright.

2. Problem / Something is Wrong

You probably see this when people are trying to express something that is just “so-so”. Yes! That’s the one used to tell you are having a problem. The most common is having an ear equalization problem.

3. Going up/Ascend

This thumbs-up signal is used to tell the divers to go up or to end the dive. Sometimes you might get mixed up with the “OK” sign. Just remember thumbs up and thumbs down have the opposite meaning and both are to indicate going up or down. This way can help you to clear the confusion between OK and Thumbs up.

4. Going Down/Descend

Now, this is the opposite meaning of the thumbs-up signal. This is to tell divers to dive in deep during the dive.

5. Stop / Hold

This is a stop signal is the same as the signal we use on land. A diver should receive a stop sign back from their fellow diver to indicate that both have the same understanding and agree to hold in position

6. Buddy Up / Stay Together

Usually use by diver instructor to remind divers to stay close to their diving partner.

7. Watch / Look

This is a “look at me” signal. Normally used when diving instructor wanting to show or demonstrate something to the divers.

8. Follow me

Normally diver instructor telling his fellow divers to follow their lead during the dive.

9. Level Off / Stay at this Depth

This to indicate divers to remain diving at this level and to tell divers to hold for a safety or decompression stop. 

10. Turn Around

Yes, this is another signal the same as used on land. We get this when you are trying to interstate during MCO period without company letter or permission during roadblocks 🙂 The diving instructor will instruct to turn around to change the diving direction, as there may be danger ahead.

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