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10 Places to go using Tokyo Metro Pass

10 Places to go using Tokyo Metro Pass 

Hello guys, are you going to Tokyo City?
Already purchased the Tokyo Metro Pass but still have no idea where to visit?
Don’t worry, this post will make your mind clear and you are ready to explore Tokyo!

1. Sensoji Temple

How to get here: From Tokyo Station to Asakusa Station
After exiting Asakusa Metro station, by turning right with a few minutes walk, you are able to see the crowd that taking the photo of the Sensoji Temple gate.

Note : Sensoji is one of the famous tourist spots in Tokyo, there will be crowded in everyday, even in the night, for the people that like japan culture very much, you will be able to find out a ton of Kimono rental shop with a reasonable price, with your Kimono and the Sensoji Temple view will produce a very nice photo. Out of sightseeing, there were many souvenirs, snacks and dessert awaiting you to purchase. Not only that, in the temple area, they have a Fortune picking area(100 yen per pick), if you have picked a bad luck, do not be upset, you may tie your Fortune paper on a metal bar that provided beside the Fortune picking Box.Kindly do not tie on a tree branch.Besides that, in front of the temple there was about 8 shops are selling the charms and amulets that will increase your health, love, fortune,Etc Cost around 1000 yen.

Caution: Try to avoid taking video while walking, it will be very dangerous when crashing someone.
Hours Main hall: 6:00 to 17:00 (from 6:30 from October to March)
Temple grounds: Always open, admission free
For more info :

2. Ueno Park

How to get there : From Tokyo Station to Ueno Station
For more info :

3. Shibuya Crossing

How to get there : Tokyo Station to Shibuya Station
By following the sign board of hachiko statue in the subway station, after checking out the station you may able to see the crowd waiting for the traffic light to turn green to cross the Shibuya crossing

Note: Shibuya Crossing is something like heart of Tokyo that connecting everyone, it is busiest pedestrian crossing in the world, when exiting the station,before the crossing, you will able to see the Hachiko statue that also a famous tourist spot, besides that, after crossing the cross, there are shopping street that selling foods, cosmetics, fashion, Etc. One of the most famous buildings is 109 tower, inside the tower is selling products all about fashion, especially clothing. For alcohol lovers, you are able to find a lot of izakaya(bar) at Shibuya.

Caution: Kindly do not take photo in the middle of Shibuya crossing, and avoid fraud activity
For more info :

4. Tokyo Skytree

How to get there : From Tokyo Station to Oshiage (Skytree) Station
For more info :

5. Tokyo Tower

How to get there : From Tokyo Station to Kamiyacho Station
For more info :

6. Meiji Jingu Shrine

How to get there : From Tokyo Station to Meiji-jingumae Station
For more info :

7. Tokyo Daijingu Shrine

How to get there : From Tokyo Station to Idabashi Station
For more info :

8. Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden

How to get there : From Tokyo Station to Shinjuku-gyoenmae
After exiting the station by walking a short distance you will be able to see the entrance of the Shinjuku Gyo-en.

Note: Entrance fees are charged 500 yen, but is still worth it you visit there, there was many type of plants in every season, for example, when spring season, there will be crowded with people and Sakura Tree,Not only that, the Shinjuku Gyoen also have a greenhouse that growing the plant that not suitable for the current season.Recommend for family trip and the park is allowed picnic.

If you wish to collect the plant/tree leaf, do not pluck directly from the plant/tree, you may collect from the floor.
For more info :

9. Samurai Museum

How to get there : Tokyo Station to Higashi-shinjuku station
For more info :

10. Tsukiji market

How to get there : Tokyo Station to Tsukijishijo Station
Same as above, by following the sign board that shows Tsukiji Market, after you leave the station, by crossing a road you will be able to see a crowd that enters the Market.

Note:Tsukiji is a fish market that is most famous in Tokyo, for those who like seafood, it is very worth visiting there, insides of the Tsukiji market are selling such as Sushi, Kaisendon(raw seafood rice), Various Sashimi and many more. The dishes at Tsukiji are serving fresh seafood in any corner. Besides that, few shops at Tsukiji Market also sell Tamago(sweet egg omelet) that taste delicious, it is worth trying it. Not only that, outside form the Tsukiji Market also have a bunch of seafood restaurants

Tsukiji is also a famous tourist spot, so try not to use the phone while walking. Most of the restaurants in Tsukiji are quite small and crowded, if you have done your meal, kindly leave as fast as you can because you can let other customers have their meal.

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