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15 Places in Malaysia that you should consider staying at least 1 night

15 Places in Malaysia that you should consider staying at least 1 night 

When you are strolling around your Facebook timeline, you probably have seen some of your friends starting to travel around Malaysia already, right?

If you are still unsure where to visit, here is a list of places that you can consider staying while they are on promotion with H.I.S. Travel Malaysia!

1. The Meritus Langkawi, Kedah

Beautiful room views with a 5-star service on top of different ways to enjoy a well-known shopping island with plenty of activities? Meritus Langkawi is always a great choice!

2. Resort World Genting, Pahang

Wanting a cooling place that reminds you of your childhood, not too far from KL but could still get a good shopping spree and some fun on the rides? Genting Highlands would be a great place to escape from the heat!

3. Resort World Langkawi, Kedah

Wanting something romantic for your partner? Langkawi Sunset Cruise is always a guaranteed good choice for couples. Also under Resort World, the company that owns our beloved Genting Highland Resorts, be sure that you get to enjoy a lot right in Resort World Langkawi!

4. Aloft Langkawi Pantai Tengah, Langkawi

Located in Pantai Cenang, and an easy access to Underwater Water World Langkawi, Aloft Langkawi offers more than just beautiful room views. Whether you love to drive or just having family time, it is a good choice to stay with Aloft Langkawi Pantai Tengah.

5. Laguna Resort Redang Island, Terengganu

Located in one of the best beaches where the resort is set against a beautiful backdrop of fine, powder-like white sand, Laguna Resort Redang is the family-friendly resort comes with facilities that are enjoyable for everyone. 

(6) Redang Mutiara Beach Resort, Terengganu

Whenever it comes with snorkeling, Redang Island is a popular tourist destination in Malaysia. Every year, it is visited by many tourists from inside and outside the country. Its blue clear water and rich seawater is a major attraction. Like its name suggests, Redang Mutiara Beach Resort is a gem that people who would love to try snorkeling could give it a go.

7. Century Pines Resort, Cameron Highlands

Cameron highlands have always been a popular place to visit, and it is more than just their tea garden and strawberries! Treat yourself with the beautiful interiors of Century Pines Resort while being with the nature right in Cameron Highlands, you might feel like 2 nights are not even enough.

8. Sun Beach Resort, Tioman Islands 

We talked about snorkeling, so it’s ‘bout time to talk about diving and Sun Beach Resort offers more than just a diving experience! Here, they also offer overnight stays for honeymoon and holiday purposes, each with their own special embellishments and full board, including barbeque or candle-lit dinner. Whether you are up to somewhere romantic or just wanting to dive, give this a go! 

9. Paya Beach Resort, Tioman Islands

If we had to suggest a recent favorite by locals, Paya Beach Resort is gaining some popularity on Tioman Island. Traditional style architecture that comes with a beautiful pool that offers a serene view? Who’s in?

10. Ombak Kapas Island Beach Resort

Just in front of the resort lies a white and long sandy beach, which is a short walking distance from your room. Ombak Kapas is a small island that is yet to be overly populated, so if you love the beaches, consider at least a night here to feel the simplicity of beach relaxation with Ombak Kapas Island Beach Resort.

11. Samudra Beach Chalet, Perhentian Islands

We had Tioman and Redang islands being introduced, of course we are also introducing Perhentian Island as a destination! A place suitable for groups of friends and families, Samudra Beach Chalet that is located at Teluk Dalam offers a view of clear waters and white sandy beach. Consider snorkeling here to see corals, untouchable rain forest, sound of sea will make your dream vacay come true.

12. Colmar Tropicale, Berjaya Resort Hills in Bukit Tinggi

A combination of modern and traditional settings where you will feel like you are traveling across multiple countries on the same day? Where else will it be besides staying a night in Colmar Tropicale? From Japanese to French architecture, design and even beautiful parks, it is a great place to stay and relax.

13. AnCasa Residences, Port Dickson

If you’re heading to Port Dickson and looking for affordable accommodation, then AnCasa Residences is the best place that one could consider! Located near Teluk Kemang, AnCasa Residences offers apartments that consists of various numbers  for travellers looking for a hotel in Port Dickson that is just less about 2 hours of drive (even with a break at A&W along the way) from KL! 

14. Lost World of Tambun, Perak

Lost World of Tambun? What more can we say besides the fact that it is one of Malaysia’s premier action and adventure family holiday destinations? If you love eco-adventure thrills, this is a great place for friends and families! 

15. Danz Eco Resort, Taman Negara

Looking for a place to escape from the bustling cities and digital devices, and have some fun within nature? Taman Negara is a great place to visit! Enjoy the variety of activities from kayaking to trekking, bottle fishing to caving, there are plenty of things to get you busy!

If you wish to check out our experience-sharing with Danz Eco Resort, check this blog post out!

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