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2D1N in Kuala Terengganu

2D1N in Kuala Terengganu 

On January 2019, I made a trip to Kuala Terengganu with my family. It was a state that our family members have yet been to, and we love food so much we have decided to visit Kuala Terengganu for food!

Day 1

It was a 5-hour drive from Kuala Lumpur. We were hungry so we decided to have lunch at Madam Bee’s Kitchen located at Jalan Kampung Cina. It is an Asian fusion restaurant with decent food and price. The restaurant was small and when we went there there was only their staff. The interior was rustic and old fashioned, in a pleasant way.

PSA: I forgot what this dish is called. But the portion was filling.

At noon, we arrived at our hotel – TH Hotel & Convention Centre Terengganu, located near to the Sultan Mahmud Airport.

Credit: Agoda

The room was clean and spacious, and the bed was soft and comfortable. We rested for a while and decided to head out to Teluk Ketapang to take pictures and enjoy the scenery.

For tea time, we headed out to look for Kuala Terengganu’s famous celup tepung dishes. So, we decided to go to Firdausy Seafood corner, located right next to the airport and beach. When we arrived, there was an overwhelming number of people. Luckily we spotted a seat as soon as we arrived. You have to pick your own seafood from the counter.


The seafood was fresh and newly fried. The batter was not too thick and it’s better to be eaten with provided chilli sauce. The price was affordable for fresh seafood.

We went back to our hotel and rested. For dinner we went to Dapo Pata near Teluk Ketapang. There were surprisingly lots of stray cats, some people may not feel comfortable with the number of felines there. p/s: Be careful when you walk on the sand.

Although the food was average and was a bit on the pricey side, the environment and decor were nice and breezy.

Later of the day, we went to Crystal Mosque. We arrived there around 10pm so the mosque was closed but the lights were still turned on.

Day 2

We decided to try Terengganu’s famous nasi dagang. We chose to dine at Sudut Selera Kak Pah. There were a lot of locals dining in and we had to queue for about 20 mins for the food.

The wait was not disappointing as the nasi dagang was delicious and cheap. The kuah was a bit sweet and complemented the rice with acar. The cleanliness of the place can be improved.

Later on, we went to Pasar Payang (before it was renovated). Some of the sellers still sell turtle eggs, which sadden me. Most of the sellers at the ground floor sell snacks, keropok and souvenirs. On the upper floor they are selling clothes and fabrics. The price was not cheap nor expensive.

Credit: The Star

Our next destination was Batu Buruk Beach. There were some stalls selling snacks and drinks. The beach was clean, making this trip more pleasant that we expected.

Next, we went to Terengganu State Museum. The place was very big and serene, the architecture was built with traditional Malay style.

To conclude, our trip to Terengganu was an enjoyable and relaxing experience. The hospitality of the locals is warming and the food was affordable and delicious. Would love to visit again someday!

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