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3 WHY Virtual Travel – The New Norm of Travel

3 WHY Virtual Travel – The New Norm of Travel 

Ever since the global pandemic, borders are closed for visiting. The routine of travelling across each city to another has been restricted. We can only scroll on our phones looking at our last visited destination. Rewinding the video we shoot of the beautiful sunset during the trip.

But thanks to the technology today, we are able to experience virtual travel. No matter where part you at in this world, as long as with the internet connection you can be able to experience virtual travel.

So what is virtual travel experience like?

Have you ever did a video call with your aunt in New Zealand and she shows you around her neighbourhood area? That is the new new norm of experiencing virtual travel!


You might wonder how does VIRTUAL Travel works?

Virtual travel can take you anywhere, anytime experiencing the culture, history, landmarks of a city. By using video / images / map together with the host or narrator to guide you during the virtual experience. Some even can showcase a 360 degree of the surrounding which you can get even better experience.



You might been thinking why virtual instead? There is 3 WHY

1. Reconnect back the world

Ever since the pandemic, things has changed. Our usual work routine has been changed to working from home. Face to face meetings has been made through video call. With just a laptop or phone and an internet connection can bring people stay connected all around the world even without having to travel around.

2. Can join from anywhere, anytime!

With virtual experience, you can join the tour from the comfort of your sofa. All you need is just clicking in the link giving to join the virtual tour. No time or even dress code restriction!

3. Beforehand experience to break the travel restriction

Borders are closed during this pandemic for travelling like we used to do. Airports has become empty. Crowded famous tourist spots has become peaceful. But not to worry! With virtual travel allowing you to explore the landmarks and culture by giving you a beforehand experience of the city.

Who is this for? And how can I join this?

EVERYONE! All you need to have is a internet connect and your smartphone!


Is virtual tour here to stay? Or does it replaced the usual travelling across borders?

Of course, still, virtual tour cannot replace the normal travelling across borders. It is a virtual experience to explore the city beforehand and helping people get connected all over the word to explore the city and culture while borders are still on lockdown at the moment.

For more insights, check out our Japan Virtual Live Experience!

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