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5 Reasons To Visit Kyoto

5 Reasons To Visit Kyoto 

1. Traditional Culture

Kyoto being birthplace for popular Geisha can still be seen walking around Kyoto Area especially in Gion District or enjoy being served Japan Traditional tea ceremony by this Geisha. You too can join by renting the traditional Kimono and walk around the street.

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2. Ryokan and Machiya

For a more authentic old Kyoto experience stay in many Ryokan (Traditional Japan Inn) or Machiya (Traditional Townhouses) this places can offer glimpse on how old town folk use to visit or live in.

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3. Temple or Castle

Kyoto is home to many UNESCO World Heritage Sites which include 12 Buddhist Temples, 3 Shinto Shrines and one Castle. From Kinkaku-ji Temple (Golden Pavilion) to Kiyomizu-dera Temple a visit to at least one of this place is a must when visiting in Kyoto.

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4. Nature

Walk around in Kyoto plentiful park, garden & zen garden feel relaxed & peace while enjoying the beautiful nature from garden with beautiful garden to the carefully composed arrangement of rocks in zen garden that once serve for recreational for Feudal Lord or Shogun.

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5. Manga Museum

Kyoto International Manga Museum is the largest collection of exhibits, new and old manga museum in Japan. With over 300,000 comics and manga from around the world it’s a must visit spot for any pop culture fans.


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