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5 Self Quarantine Tips – For those Living with COVID-19 Stage 1 or 2 Patient

5 Self Quarantine Tips – For those Living with COVID-19 Stage 1 or 2 Patient 

Hello and Happy pkp 2.0! How are you guys doing?

Today we want to share tips on what you have to do when you are living with a covid 19 patients. Why do we share this? This is because at this moment, covid 19 patients that in stage 1 or 2 have to do their self quarantine at home.

So here’s the tips 

1. Self Isolation

Do not talk and touch them. You may wear gloves or create your own PPE uniform. If you need to talk with them, you may use whatsapp or keep distance one meter from them. Wear a mask and always sanitize your hands.

2. Stay calm & support each other

Yes you have to stay calm and always think positive. Everything happen for a reason. You have to support them and cheer them to make everyone feel better. You may send funny videos or any specific videos that they like so that they won’t feel bored during quarantine.

3. Maintain a proper SOP for the covid 19 patients

This point means you have to take action on precautions such as their cutleries and toilet. For cutleries, it is advisable for them to use paper cups or paper plates. You may also prepare their own rubbish bin for them to throw their rubbish. Next, for toilet usage, we cannot avoid using the same toilet with them especially if you live in an apartment or flat. So what you can do is, always sanitize and clean the toilet using clorox. Make sure it is always clean. 

4. Keep on consume supplements, vitamins and medicine

This is applicable for all. The patients and for us as well. Make sure we keep consume vitamins such as Vitamin C and Vitamin D. Both vitamins are very good for antibody. Any brand also recommended. For the medicine, if the covid-9 patients consume any specific medicine, keep on consuming it. Healthy food is also important to eat. Do not forget to exercise, you can do easy exercise too. At least it can also improve your mood.

5. Keep update and follow up with the doctors

Make sure you monitor your condition and alert any symptom that you have, especially cough, sore throat and fever. The worst symptom is breathing difficulties. You have to immediately call KKM or doctors that handle your case. This is very crucial because you need immediate treatment. 

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