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5 Tips for Work From Home – No more Lazy Bones
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5 Tips for Work From Home – No more Lazy Bones 

1. Get dress up!

Take a shower and get dress up in your casual wear instead of your pajamas. Let’s be honest! You won’t be feeling like working with your pair of pajamas and a mess up look. Instead it makes you feel lazy and unproductive.

2. Create a To Do List

Plan your day ahead with a to do list. You can list the task and give it a colour code accordingly. For example, red colour for urgent matter. This way you won’t miss something important to accomplish first. Remember to cross out each task once done, this way you will feel motivated after accomplish each task on the list.

3. Stay connected

The environment of working from home is different as compare working in a workspace surrounded by colleagues where you can exchange different ideas. Get connected with your team with google hangouts or zoom meetings frequently to ensure everyone is in the same page.

4. Learn to take breaks in between

Working from home can be easily distracted from things that are not plan in our to do list. Allocate breaks in between 2-3 hours instead of working 6 or 8 hours straight. Pause for a cup of coffee in between to get recharge.

5. Regular Workout

Add in regular workout in your daily routine which helps to stay focus at work. Allocate a part from those extra time that we usually get stuck in a 2-3 hours traffic. Start with something simple like a run at the park or body weight exercise at home which help to build our physical and mental strength.

Share with us on your favourite work from home tips!

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