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5D4N Experience “Tottori Japan’s Sand Dunes”

5D4N Experience “Tottori Japan’s Sand Dunes” 

Not your first time travelling to Japan? Looking for interesting places to visit on your 2nd or 3rd visit to the Kansai region of Japan? Tottori will be the answer as many will easily miss out this amazing prefecture hidden with many undiscovered attractions!

1.Tottori Global Geo Park

Image source: San’in Kaigan UNESCO Global Geopark
Image source:  Visit Kami 
Photo by クリント東木  via TripAdvisor

The geopark is actually an outdoor museum of local geology and terrain, in which you will get to have an idea of how the Sea of Japan is formed. It is actually an UNESCO supported geopark because some of the igneous rock formations and strata can be dated back 25 million years when the Sea of Japan was formed. This geopark covers a very large area – from Tottori to Hyogo and to Kyoto prefecture, the area that will be covered for visiting Tottori only is only the following two areas – the Sand Dunes and Uradome Kaigan.

2. Tottori Sand Dunes

Image Source: 鳥取県観光連盟

You won’t believe that you’re in Japan when you arrive here, because you will get to see a huge area of sand dunes just like in Arabian Night!What’s beautiful about the sand dunes is the wavelike pattern on the sand, making it even more picturesque when taking a portrait in the middle of it. What to do at sand dunes besides taking photos?You can try to play sandboard – “snowboarding” on sand

Image Source: 鳥取県観光連盟

Paragliding – it is safe because there are no trees and rocks around the area, the ground is made of sand, it is the time you can get a worry free paragliding

Image Source: 鳥取県観光連盟

Another thing you might not be expecting is that you will find that at the border of the sand dunes is sea! Yes you will be seeing the Sea of Japan we are talking about previously

Image Source:

At this one location you can enjoy both the amazing view of sand dunes and listening to the relaxing ocean wave sounds, isn’t this the chilling experience that we are looking for during traveling?

3. Sand Museum

Image source: Tottori Sand Dunes The Sand Museum

Adjacent to the Sand Dunes, there’s a sand museum with large sand sculptures by 15 artists from around the world. Each of the sculptures are made by the hands of the highest level sand sculptures in the world. Besides, each of them will only be exhibited for a limited period of time as it will eventually collapse. 

Image source: Tottori Sand Dunes The Sand Museum
Image source: Tottori Sand Dunes The Sand Museum
Image source: Tottori Sand Dunes The Sand Museum

The sculptures are something that are a representative of meaningful images of the world e.g. Taj Mahal, Mahatma Gandhi, The Star Mosque and the Bustle of the City and Mother Teresa. 

4. Uradome Kaigan

Image by 井原早紀

This is a sea coast near to the sand dunes, with a total length of 15km, the rocks, caves, tunnels and cliffs are formed as a result of marine corrosion. The view of the cliffs, sea and blue sky all together formed a very beautiful picture – also rarely can be found in JapanBelieve me, the stunning view of the coast with clear water and rock cliffs will blow your mind!

Photo courtesy of Tottori Prefecture
Photo source: San’in Kaigan Geopark Trail

This is the place to have a profile picture with a “rocking” nature background!

5. Yura station

Photo by Mike Hattsu 

The only train station fully decorated with Detective Conan illustration! Conan fans will go crazy for seeing this, not only the big billboard on the station, but also the stairs, seats, waiting room and train. 

Photo by hsuchia
Photo by Wolfman12395
Photo by hsuchia
Photo by Mike Hattsu 
Photo by Hivemind

The author of the Detective Conan – Gosho Aoyama is born in Yura and Conan is fairly popular in Japan (the box office winner every year for its annual movie). 

6. Gosho Aoyama Manga Museum

Photo source: NAVITIME JAPAN

The original Conan museum in Japan, many mockups of the scenes in Conan can be found here. There is a mockup of the author working area where it represents his actual real life 

Photo source: Gosho Aoyama/Shogakukan

You also can get to try the skateboard which Conan used to use 

Photo source: Gosho Aoyama/Shogakukan

7. Adachi Museum of Art 

Photo source: Kankou Shimane

It is an Art museum with a spectacular garden and has been named the best garden in Japan annually since 2003 by the “Journal of Japanese Gardening”. Japanese garden masters treat the garden as a piece of art, what you see in this garden is a masterpiece of their artwork, however to preserve its beautiness, it can only be viewed from inside the museum building. 

Image Source: 島根縣觀光振興課國際觀光組

Besides from the garden, there’s also collection of 1300 twentieth century paintings and artworks in the museum


Staying indoors inside the museum and enjoying the well created Japanese garden and painting, it is another unique traveling experience that you must try.  

8. Mizuki Shigeru Road

Image Source: San’in Tourism Organization

Mizuki Shigeru is a highly respected manga artist for the Yokai genre – with Ge ge ge no Kitaro. As he was raised in Sakaiminato, there’s a total of 177 fine bronze statues of various yokai line the stretch of Mizuki Road. It is a very interesting road as you will find another statue coming from the mind of Mizuki for every few steps walked along the road. 

Photo by Hiroko Matsuyama

9. Tottori Hanakairo Flower Park


Japan’s major flower park commanding a magnificent view of Mt.Daisen (the Mt Fuji lookalike at Tottori) – The kind of flower park with a circular roof! So that you can enjoy watching flowers all year long!Regardless of the flowers inside the dome, the walkway, hillside, and valley all are genuinely beautiful!Outside of Dome

Panoramio upload bot/Wikimedia Commons

Inside of Dome

Photo source: Chikoku + Shikoku x Tokyo 

Along the walkway

Photo source: Pop Japan

What’s is more amazing is the atmosphere of the park, everyone enjoying the beautifulness of the flower with a peace heart create a positive vibe in it.

10. Mt Daisen temple

Photo source: MATCHA, Inc.

Mt Daisen is one of the 100 Famous Japanese Mountains, the surrounding area is lush with natural beauty, and the mountain itself stands out on a clear day from anywhere in Tottori. 

Photo by Jackie Oshiro

The temple is on the foot of the Mt Daisen, if you like hiking, this is actually a good place to hike as recommended by many tourists all around the world, along the route to the hill you will find a lots of elderly and kids too, because the terrain is not really steep.The transport to Tottori from Osaka is not a problem, however the transport to each of the location from Tottori station might be a little troublesome for using public transport.In this package, upon arriving Tottori station, there will be a English speaking tour leader that will lead you to the attractions and you will be using a private taxi arranged by us for travelling to the sands dunes and Uradome Kaigan. You also don’t have to worry about the transport to Tottori Hanakairo Flower Park as it is arranged by HIS Travel too. The round trip bus from Osaka to Tottori is also on us 🙂 . Above are the brief introduction on the attraction in Tottori that you will visit by joining our 5D4N Experience “Tottori Japan’s Sand Dunes” tour, if you would like to look into the details of the package, please feel free to visit the link below:

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