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8 major changes in Tokyo Disneyland after Covid-19 impact

8 major changes in Tokyo Disneyland after Covid-19 impact 

Lets first look at a quick recap on the timeline of major event happened to Tokyo Disney Resort in 2020

Despite the reopening of the park, there are a number of major changes to adapt with the new norms and also expansion of new park area! 

1. Park Operating Hour

The park operating hour has been shortened compared to the previous years as a precautionary measure for the pandemic. 

We should be thankful as long as it remains open. 

2. Ticket purchasing system

Previously we can secure the Park Entrance Ticket by visiting your lovely travel agent (who provides many useful tips and immediate Q&A for any of your queries). 

Now in order to control on the crowd in park area, tickets can only be bought on their official website:

The points to take note of are:
– Dated Ticket only (only Guests who have purchased fixed-date tickets online will be admitted to the Park)
– Can be advanced purchased up to 30 days
– Five tickets can be purchased at one transaction

Since the number of guests is limited, tickets are usually sold out 2 weeks before the entrance date.

Tokyo Disney Resort has even made a ticket availability status website:

3. Ticket types available

Consecutive day ticket is also unavailable, probably to allow more different guest to enter the park, what a great move.

As the operating time has been shortened, there are no After 6 passport and Starlight passport. 

Previously it can be purchased up to 2 months before the entry date, but now shortened to 1 month.

4. Ticket price

It’s so nice that there’s no increase in the ticket price despite the reduction in the number of tickets it can be sold.

It remains the same as 8200 Yen per adult before the reopening in July.

5. Fast pass system

FASTPASS system is one of the excitement in Tokyo Disneyland and Sea, but it has been suspended to have a proper social distance queuing area. 

A new Standby Pass and Entry Pass are introduced instead, 

What are the differences?
Standby Pass – Same as FASTPASS, allows you to make an appointment to enter the attraction without queue, but the only way to get the pass is via the Tokyo Disney Resort App. If you didn’t get a Standby Pass, you can still enter by queuing.

Entry Pass – You are only to enter the attraction area only if you get this Entry Park,
No admission to the specific area is allowed without getting this pass.

The specific areas are:

• The Happy Ride with Baymax
• Enchanted Tale of Beauty and the Beast
• Happy Fair Lab Photo Location (inside Tomorrowland Hall)
• Disney Character Greeting venues

Which are basically the new expansion area!

No pass, no enter!

6. Crowd

Visitor per day now is capped at 15,000 visitors per day by implementing the fixed date ticket system. 

It’s a big difference compared to the usual crowded situation before the pandemic hits.

7. New attractions

This is what we are waiting for, a newly built attraction/area in Tokyo Disneyland!

New attractions:

  • Enchanted Tale of Beauty and the Beast 
  • The Happy Ride with Baymax 
  • Both are opened on 28th September 2020.

New area:

i) Beauty and the Beast Castle
ii) Maurice’s Cottage
iii) La Taverne de Gaston
iv) The Happy Ride with Baymax
v) Minnie’s Style Studi

However, you are only allowed to enter if you obtain the Entry Request,
And you can only attempt an Entry Request once per day for each venue,

which means try again the next time you visit Tokyo Disneyland if you fail to get the Entry Request. 

8. Parades and shows

One of the most exciting things to do in Disneyland is to watch their parade show,
Now after reopening it has only the crew members and characters from the “float”,

The showtime also has been shortened to 25 minutes from 45 minutes.

Nevertheless, it’s still great that you can still get to see the Disneyland firework as it remains after the reopening. 

Here are the 8 points worth noting after the reopening/pandemic, 
it’s still not the time yet for foreign visitors to enter,

and probably there will be some changes again after foreign tourism visitors are allowed to visit with the current situation in Japan.

The only thing that does not change is Tokyo Disney Resort is getting more and more worth visiting with the expansion of new attractions and will have even more new things when we are able to visit this dreamland on earth again!

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