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8 Must Eat Foods during Chinese New Year – to bring you HENG! ONG! HUAT!
8 Must Eat during CNY

8 Must Eat Foods during Chinese New Year – to bring you HENG! ONG! HUAT! 

The Lunar New Year, also known as Chinese New Year is a spring festival celebrated every year that gathers everyone in the family together. During Chinese New Year eve, the family will gather for a reunion dinner. There is when variety of food will be served to welcome this festival.

Check out this 8 MUST eat foods during this spring festival. Most of it is believe to bring you more ONG!

1. Steamed Fish // For Prosperity

Fish is one of the must served food during Chinese New Year. For chinese, there is a saying called ‘’年年有余‘’,‘’鱼‘’ has the same pronunciation with 余, which means leftover, ‘’年年‘’ means every year. This is a blessing for abundance prosperity leftover every year and will be brought forward to the next year.

Photo Credits: cottonbro

2. Whole Chicken // For Family

Chicken symbolize togetherness, unity, and joy of a family. Chicken served with its head, tail, and feet symbolize completeness.

Photo Credits: Engin Akyurt

3. Chinese Dumplings // For Wealth

Another well known dish – chinese dumplings is served at almost chinese occasion. Do you know that the dumplings can be made to look like Chinese Silver Ingots, used in ancient China as money. Now you are free to eat all the money you made out of the dumpling 🙂

Golden ingots on red tray isolate at white.chinese language on ingot mean Premium Photo
Photo Source: freepik

4. Longevity Noodles // For Health

In Chinese, longevity noodles is called ”长寿面‘’, 长寿 means long life. By eating this is a blessing of good health. Besides, parents also cooks longevity noodles for their children during birthday as a blessing.

Photo Credits: Pixabay

5. Sweet Rice Balls // For Family

Also one of the dish that is served in chinese occasion. In chinese is called ’‘汤圆’‘, ’‘圆’‘ symbolize reunion, togetherness and wholeness. Normally, this dessert is served during the lunar new year – 15th day, lantern festival, dongzhi festival.

Premium Photo | Chinese dessert glutinous rice balls with black sesame past  (tang yuan)
Photo Source: freepik

6. Nian Gao // For Success

The world “Gao” is ”高“ which means tall or high. Nian gao is a glutinous rice cake that symbolise getting higher success or achievement year by year. Parents also offer this for their children as a blessing of growing taller year by year.

Nian Gao Oder Chinese New Year Kuchen Stockfoto und mehr Bilder von Asien -  iStock
Photo Source: iStock

7. Spring Rolls // For Wealth

During the spring festival, spring rolls are also not to be miss. Spring rolls symbolize 黄金万两, meaning “a ton of gold”, also it resemble gold bars, which is a blessing for wealth.

Spring Rolls On White Ceramic Plate
Photo Credits: Dima Valkov

8. Tangerines and Oranges // For Luck

This is the most common food during the Chinese New year celebration. Tangerines is displayed at home during the spring festival as a symbol of good luck. Besides, it is also a good blessing to be giveaway a box of tangerines to build relationship with your clients or VIPs.

Peeled fresh juicy ripe mandarin on table
Photo Credits: Karolina Grabowska

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