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A Day In Monsopiad Heritage Village

A Day In Monsopiad Heritage Village 

Written by: Violet

Sabah is well known for their nature and beautiful tourist spots. 

Today, I want to share about one tourist attraction that you can include in your itinerary. 

The place is called Monsopiad Heritage Village. What’s  special about this place is, this place is one of the Kadazandusun villages that are open for tourists to experience Kadazandusun culture.



This is House of Skull. In this place there is a stone named ‘Gintutun Do Mohoing’. People believe that this stone can bring luck in someone’s life.


You can also enjoy Sumazau dance performances here.
As we know Sumazau dance is really popular among Kadazandusun.
You are allowed to record the performances.
Besides, they also have demonstrations on how they process their food.


This is the signature sculpture of the Monsopiad warrior.

For your information, Monsopiad is a famous headhunter to the locals, and is one of the most popular historical warriors among the Kadazandusun ethnic.

This is one of the activities available. You can play ‘congkak’ here. ‘congkak’ is well known among Malaysians. 

Besides, you also can experience how to play musical instruments that are popular among them which is called the Gamelan. This instrument will be used during the Sumazau dance performances.

You can also challenge yourself to eat ‘ulat sagu’ which is very popular among Sabahan. This worm is edible and has its own nutritions. 

Believe it or not? This ‘ulat sagu’ actually contains protein, carbohydrate, omega 3,6 and 9. Besides that it also contains amino acid. So guys, let’s challenge ourselves!

You can rent their traditional outfit and wear it during the day. Variety designs and sizes available.

From the picture, that is one of the designs of traditional clothes that are available.

Above are the interiors of the Monsopiad Heritage Village. All of these are things that you can experience here by yourself. You absolutely won’t regret visiting here. If you are interested to learn more about Sabah’s culture, this is definitely the place for you.

Here are some information of this unique place. 

Place: Monsopiad Cultural Village, Sabah, Malaysia.

Access: From Kota Kinabalu City to Monsopiad Heritage Village, it will take around 21 minutes by car. You can use Grabcar or car rental services. 


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