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Aurora Tour

Aurora Tour 

We live in a world where we are blessed with four seasons and there are different ways for us to enjoy each season. When we talk about winter, snow is the first thing that come across our minds. But, have you ever heard of icebreaker cruise? Icebreaker is a ship that specialized in creating a channel or passage through ice. Many countries provide an icebreaker cruise for people to ride and enjoy the icy scenery and Japan is one of the countries. The Sea of Okhotsk that lies in between of Hokkaido and the Russian island of Sakhalin provide the ideal condition for people to enjoy huge annual ice floes as Hokkaido is located at the southernmost spot in northern hemisphere which is the place where drift ice exists.

When you ride the cruise, you will have a hard time believing that you are on the ocean as all you can see is ice. While riding the cruise, you can observe how the icebreaker plough through the ice that have the thickness of one meter. Don’t take your eyes away from the ice as the movement of the icebreaker making a passage through the ice creates a magnificent scenery for you to enjoy. It is definitely can be considered as a once in a lifetime experience; to float on icy cold water and surrounded by endless ice. Sounds interesting, right? Well, that once in a lifetime experience is not far from reality as we, H.I.S Travel Malaysia, offer the opportunity for you to ride the icebreaker cruise with our winter optional tour!

There are two tours that offer the chance for you to enjoy the icebreaker cruise; Garinko Tour and Aurora Tour. So, what’s the difference between both of these tours? In the Garinko Tour, you will ride the Garinko-Go ship that uses the enormous power of big drills to break and roll on the drift ice. Meanwhile, the Aurora Tour allows you to ride the Aurora ship which has a different style of breaking the huge drift ice. The Aurora breaks the ice only by its weight without using any drills which means that Aurora is a bigger ship than Garinko-Go. Both of these tours have a few different varieties for you to enjoy other activities besides riding the icebreaker cruise.

For Aurora Tour, you can choose one of the below
(Click the list for more detail and booking process):

***Raw Fish Don Lunch Plan***

There are two courses that allow you to enjoy Aurora cruise and Sounkyo Ice Fall Festival. This course will allow you to to enjoy a seafood rice bowl (Crab & Salmon & Salmon roe Don) and the chance to visit the Sounkyo-Ice Fall Festival.

***Raw Fish Don Lunch Plan***

Meanwhile, this course will include seafood rice bowl and the opportunity to visit Sounkyo-Ice Fall Festival.

3. Dynamic Abashiri Icebreaker AURORA-GO CRUISE 
*** Crab leg 4 pcs + MINI Kaisendon Lunch Plan ***

This course includes crab and mini seafood rice bowl that will satisfy your appetite before you ride the aurora cruise. Grab this chance as fast as you can because the cruise tickets are limited due to the popularity of the cruise not only among foreigner tourists, but also among the local tourists as well. Book your trip with our service and have a worry-free and full of fun and wondrous adventures


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