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Best Food Hakodate Morning Market

Best Food Hakodate Morning Market 

Must Try Unique Food at Hakodate Morning Market!

Come and discover Hakodate in Hokkaido. Known as the “City of Gourmet Food”. In this article, we introduce Hakodate most famous food and one of the well-known activities in Hakodate Morning Market:[Freshly Squid fishing and test out the ‘dancing zombie squid’]!. The Hakodate Morning Market is a must Check-in point for those travel, the transportation is really convenient and it just located outside the Hakodate JR Station.

The scallops in the market are as big as my palms

In Hakodate Morning Market you can have your fill of fresh seafood that has just been shipped from the terminal. Some of the stores can prepare dishes or cook for guests who purchase the fresh seafood with them, guests can request a variety of dishes such as BBQ, boiled, or raw food. The scallops in the market are as big as my palms, and eating one is enough for me!

Oh my god, it’s so delicious!

There’s also a shop where you can experience “Freshly Squid fishing”, the Hakodate’s specialty inside the Morning Market. ”. We tried it boldly at the time, the squid sashimi was magically started moving when we put on the soy sauce, and danced like a zombie! Even most surprised me is the taste that is so fresh and crisp when the squid bites into the mouth! Oh my god, it’s so delicious! There is not that horrible as my imagination!

Squid Ink Soft Serve Ice Cream

I found a squid ink soft serve ice cream

After that, we walked to the outdoor area, there are more stalls and shops behind the market, where we found the sliced Hokkaido Yubari Melon and squid ink soft serve ice cream (Ika sumi soft-serve).I found a squid ink soft serve ice cream (Ika sumi soft-serve). At first, I was worried about the fishy smell from squid in this ice cream and it has unusual grey colour, but even though it has unusual colour this ice cream tastes so flavourful and smooth Hokkaido milk ice cream.

Seafood Rice Bowl

We should not miss the seafood rice bowl!

When Travel to Hakodate, we should not miss the seafood rice bowl! After visiting the Morning Market, we found a restaurant nearby for lunch. I ordered a bowl of rice bowl dish topped with crab meat , cod roe, sea urchin, and my friends ordered a large variety of seafood sashimi set. There are a lot of seafood rice and sashimi available here, it really is a glamorous meal! What a luxury thing it is!

  Hakodate Morning Market

  • Opening Hours:
    • January to April:6:00~12:00(Part of stores are opened till 14:00)
    • May to December:5:00~12:00(Part of stores are opened till 15:00)
    • Closing Days:None(Depends on stores)
  • Note: You can get an hour parking free ticket if you but more than JPY 2,160 at morning market corporate committee.


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