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Best Waterfall in Kagoshima: Ogawa Waterfall (Ogawa-No- Taki-Waterfall)

Best Waterfall in Kagoshima: Ogawa Waterfall (Ogawa-No- Taki-Waterfall) 

Ogawa Waterfall or in Japanese, we can call it as Ogawa-No- Taki-Waterfall.

For the Japanese, it’s well-known as the drama opening place of Segodon. The access isn’t easy without driving. It’s easy to visit this place using a ferry and taxi or driving your car. It will take around 2 hours.

Source: Google Map


The height of this waterfall is 46 meters across a rugged rock formation of about 60 meters wide. This water upstream can generate hydroelectric power. This waterfall is very special, beautiful, and worth visiting as the shape is strange when compared with a typical waterfall.

Photo Credits: Kagoshima Prefectural Visitors Bureau 

Ogawa Waterfalls is one of the most famous scenic and beautiful spots in Kagoshima’s Osumi Peninsula. This scenic spot has appeared in the historical drama television show called Segodon. It attracts so many visitors from around the world.

Photo Credits: Cool Japan Video

Why these waterfalls are so unique is because of the water wells up in the pool and runs down along the gigantic granite rock, where the rocky surface offers visitors stunningly unique views. It’s about 1,200 meters a steep path that the nature trail leading to the pool from the parking lot. 

Photo Credits: Kagoshima Prefectural Visitors Bureau 

The trail is easy to is well-kept and walking on it. You can relax your mind while walking along the trail and listening to the sounds of the mountain stream. Don’t miss to see another best viewing spot which is the view of the Takimiohashi bridge from below. The view seen from that point is truly picturesque.

Photo Credits: Japan Travel by Navitime

Tips and tricks! You can click (here) to find the free parking lot at the head of the path that takes you close to the falls! Good luck!

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