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Broga Hills – How About a Staycation?

Broga Hills – How About a Staycation? 

If you are from the Klang Valley, you definitely have heard of Broga Hills at least once. If you would like to learn more about how you can further enjoy Broga Hills than just hiking, this article is for you 🙂

Photo courtesy of Kah Heng

Broga Hills is a great place to have a hike within the cities, not requiring special hiking equipment, not too easy, but also not too stressful, and it is enjoyable whether done alone or with friends.

The hills can be conquered in an hour, but it gives the thrill for its steepness so some might find it a little overwhelming and challenging – so here’s why I am writing to introduce you something that makes things better: a staycation at Broga Hills!

Let me show you a couple of options:

1. Brick Room

If you’re coming as a small group of friends (3 person including yourself, or even just coming with your best friend), and you wanted some quality time to enjoy together after not meeting each other for quite some time, how about considering to stay a night here?

You can either enjoy some friend-time around the room, catching up about your working lives, or even consider driving to Sg. Lalang Hotspring (about half an hour by car) to relax! It’s not easy to meet up as a group after entering the working life, after all!

It is nice to sit together and chit-chat too

It’s also nice to bring some board games and play in the evening too!

The room comes in a Queen-sized bed, and is also air-conditioned! Who wouldn’t like to have some cool air during a staycation? I know I do!

And snuggling into the bed with your best friends? That brings up a lot of childhood memories too, doesn’t it?

Check the details in Broga Staycation page from H.I.S. Travel Malaysia!

2. Malay-Style Chalet

Have a slightly bigger group of friends? Consider the Malay-style chalet instead! Fits up to 4 person, the room has a Queen-sized bed and two single beds, so it gives more comfort to sleep!

Also, if you are a non-Malay Malaysian, what’s a better chance to try staying in a Malay-style house than this one? It’s not far from KL too!

Imagine bringing all the PJs and your Switch together to play Animal Crossing, it’d be fun! Even if you don’t own a switch, bringing UNO or even having some late night snacks together the night before hiking is also great too!

Price starts from RM340 per person per night for this room, for a night in a unique housing that is nicely-conditioned, I’d call it deal!

3. Camping at the Campside

Having a big group of people that you need a whole camping site? I feel you! Especially when it comes to class reunions that consists at least 9 adults, it is already difficult to find a good place to stay. But here’s a solution – camping together! Or even for bigger families with kids, just about 10 tents (with a tent of 1~2 person) would work just fine to book the camping site!

Also, did you know that you can actually pre-order BBQ materials and use the site’s shared grill if you are making a booking with H.I.S. Travel Malaysia?

I want a camping trip now. Haha!

p/s: Don’t forget to check out H.I.S. Travel Malaysia’s amazing domestic Malaysia travel packages!

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