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Fall Season in Kagoshima (Autumn)

Fall Season in Kagoshima (Autumn) 

Fall season just around the corner.

Kagoshima also have a great place to enjoy moment on this season.

Colorful nature will make your heart calm and falling love with it!

1. Kirishima Jingu Shrine

Don’t forget to visit this top autumn best view. Not only autumn, as for cherry blossoms also is one of the best view that you can get when you visit Kagoshima. Kirishima is referred to the ‘land where gods once descended’. Full with red and yellow autumn leaves, the Kirishima autumn leaves season is at its best from late October to late November. You can enjoy the view of maple leaves in front of your eyes!

How to get there?

From Kagoshima Chuo Station:
Estimated Time: JR train (80 min) + Local scheduled bus (10 min)

Kagoshima Chuo Station ⇒ JR Nippo-honsen “Kirishima Jingu Station” ⇒ Get off at”Kirishima Jingu” Bus stop (Kirishima Iwasaki Hotel-bound)

© Kagoshima Prefectural Visitors Bureau

2. Gingko Tree in Fukuyama Town

This spot also very famous and you are able to see maple leaves. The yellowish color of the leaves is very calming yet it is instagrammable. This place called Miyaura Shrine which is located near the black vinegar pots of Fukuyama Town. What is interesting about it, this tree stand the loving husband and wife maidenhair trees. Believe or not, this trees already more than thousand years old and it’s height is 38m.

© Kagoshima Prefectural Visitors Bureau

3. Onami Lake

Onami Lake is located not really far from the Kirishima Shrine (only 30 minutes drive). The view is incredible and really nice. What is special about this lake is, it is surrounded by maple trees and Japanese red pine trees. Trust me, this is one of the best spot to complete your autumn journey in Kagoshima.

© Kagoshima Prefectural Visitors Bureau

Did you know, Kagoshima have a lot of festivals for every season? Let’s check out the selected Kagoshima autumn festival that the local will celebrate!

1. Yagorodon Festival

Date : 3rd November (celebrate every year)
Venue : Iwakawa Hachiman Shrine

This festival is taken from Yagorodon which is the God of health and long life. It is deeply revered by the people of Osumi as the God who protects their region. Interesting fact regarding this Yagorodon have 4.85 meters which is very tall and it is said crying babies will stop cry and quiet down. With the penetrating eyes, it is believed able to see from one end of Osumi.

© Kagoshima Prefectural Visitors Bureau

2. Sendai Great Tug-of-war

Date : 22 September (celebrate every year)
Venue : 10 minutes walking from Sendai Station (JR line)

This event will be held yearly in Satsumasendai city. This event involves 3000 men and 365 meter rope that own a weight more than 7 tons which is very heavy and big. Interesting fact about this event is people from other country will attend this old event. Why we call this old? It is because it’s already 420 year old which is believed to be among the oldest and largest tug of war in Japan.

Every year Satsumasendai City holds a great tug of war involving 3,000 men and a 365-meter rope weighing more than 7 tons. People from across the country and even other parts of Asia attend the 420-year-old event, which is believed to be among the oldest and largest tug of war in Japan.

© Kagoshima Prefectural Visitors Bureau

3. Myoenji Mairi

Date : Fourth week of October  (celebrate every year)
Venue : Terukuni Shrine~Tokushige Shrine 

This is a traditional parade event. The starting point of the parade will be at Terukuni Shrine which is located at Kagoshima city. The total journey will be around 20 km and will end in Tokushikge Shrine in Ijuin, Hioki City. All the warriors will wear armor suit and parade in a line through the Ijuin shopping street. In addition, traditional taiko drum dancing and local traditional performing arts, as well other events such as a band parade will be performed the whole day.

© Kagoshima Prefectural Visitors Bureau

4. Ohara Matsuri

Date : 2-3 Nov  (celebrate every year)
Venue : 15 minute walk (towards Tenmonkan) from JR Kagoshima Chuo Station

This is a dance festival that will be held at Tenmonkan in downtown Kagoshima. This event is a big event that is attended by 20,000 people. The participants will come in traditional Yukata (summer style Kimono), Happi (Festive overcoat) and even wear their homemade costumes. They will dance in unison to traditional music such as Ohara- Bushi (the most popular Kagoshima music)

© Kagoshima Prefectural Visitors Bureau

Let’s explore Kagoshima!

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