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HIS Travel Malaysia introduced a new e-Com business [ HIS e-Market – Monoten ]

HIS Travel Malaysia introduced a new e-Com business [ HIS e-Market – Monoten ] 

Our company, HIS Travel Malaysia, is well known as a travel agent specializing in Japanese travel packages, an authorized seller of JR Pass, Pocket Wifi and many other services. In combat with the pandemic situation, asides from domestic traveling, HIS Travel Malaysia has actually started a new e-Com business since August 2020.

 The e-Com business is started with the launching of MONOTEN Store on an official e-Commerce website and at the same time joining other e-Commerce platforms i.e. Shopee and Lazada, and there are more than 60 products have been listed on the website.

The type of items sold varies from grocery, personal care, gift, automative accesories to frozen food and souveniers too!

Personal Care


This is a popular face mask in Japan, in which most Japanese are wearing this type of mask. It’s more breathable, available in four colors (Grey, Pink, White and Blue), and its fabric will give you a cool feeling!



You might have used a rain repellent coating for your car windscreen before, but this Made in Japan product is able to help you to repel rain for one year!


A normal wiper fluid washer will only clean the dirt on the windscreen, while this will create a rain repellent coating at the same time when you pull the wiper washer switch.

Melaka item


This is an all-time favorite local condiment freshly brought from Melaka, enhancing the taste of your dishes with just one small cube of Belacan, now available for order from our online store

Fresh & Frozen Food

Salted Egg Salmon Fish Skin Snacks

Made using real salted egg, and salmon skin imported from Norway, it’s your relatively more healthy snacks because it contains the highest concentration of omega-3 fatty acids on the fish

Australian Premium M5 Wagyu Striploin (±250Gm/Pcs)

This is a worth to buy M5 grade wagyu that’s perfect for your Wagyu steak craving. This Australia Wagyu 

Frozen Norway Saba Fillet

Saba fillet is the current lowest price item among the frozen seafood, and it is actually one of the most popular items among our internal staff too.

Along with the upcoming Raya celebration, we have the handmade Raya cookies, snacks and kurma for sale too!

Almond London



Not only Monoten Store as one of the new eCom business, but we have also launched an online store selling preloved and bundle clothing named Monoten Thrift too!

These are the handpicked good condition pre-loved clothing imported from Japan, Korea and more, and its price is ranges from RM 10 – RM 70 only!

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Monoten Thrift:

Until the time we can travel all over the world without wearing a mask and quarantine, we need your support to emerge in this world of new normal.

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