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Kagoshima Best Coffee Shop For Coffee Lovers

Kagoshima Best Coffee Shop For Coffee Lovers 

Whether you’re a Kagoshima resident seeking a place to relax with a book, or a tourist looking for a caffeine fix to fuel your exploration for the day, Kagoshima has you covered with these cafes. 

Here are some of the nicest coffee shops that you can visit in Kagoshima for a relaxing time!


Limelight Coffee House is a photogenic coffee spot in Kagoshima in the style of a traditional Japanese dessert/tea shop. Each cup is ground and brewed upon order.They have an amazing coffee and cakes options to try out. The calm atmosphere is attractive and will make everyone ease to love this place.

Address: 11-3 Higashisengoku-cho

Tel: 81 992255411

Hours: 09.30-23.30


By day, this is a mathematics café, and by night, a mathematics cram school. It is located in Kagoshima City. The café’s carefully selected coffee beans are for sale here, and they roasts those same beans upon receiving an order for a coffee. Also has a food menu with items such as black pork gristle curry and Wagyu steak rice bowls. The cute appearance and lavish fruit topping of Kagoshima’s famous dessert, Shirokuma, makes it a popular item on the sweets menu. 

Address: Kagoshima Pref. Kagoshimashi Meizanchou 4-12F 

Tel: 0992139533

Hours: 10.00-17.30


Tabby Coffee is the best cafe for those on the go. If you drink coffee like the Italians do then Tabby Coffee is the coffee right for you. Drink your coffee at the bar or get it to takeaway, along with one of their delicious cookies and pastries.

Address: 14 10, Higashisengokucho Kagoshima, Kagoshima, 892-0842

Hours: 08.00-18.00


Lu-Ca Library Café is the best cafe for relaxing with a book. Located on the second floor of the Kagoshima City Library, this is a great place to rest and relax with books and waffles.  

Address: 890-0063 Kagoshima City Kagoshima City 2-31-18-2 Kamoike

Tel: 08091424616

Hours: 11.00-16.30


The is the best cafe for coffee connoisseurs. Established in 1979, Trombone is one of Kagoshima’s oldest coffee houses. The baristas here use coffee siphons to bring out the flavour of home-roasted beans. In the hot summer months, look out for their shaved ice kakigori (dessert) which is the perfect remedy to humid weather.

p/s: They have a few branches in Kagoshima, one in Kagoshima Chuo’s Aeon, another in Tenmonkan and one more in Yoka Centre besides their Takeoka main branch!

Address: 1-41-1 Tokoeka, Kagoshima Kagoshima  (Main Branch)

Tel: 081 992818248

Hours: 10.00-22.00


Will you be dropping by some fancy cafes when you are here in Kagoshima? Let us know!

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