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Kagoshima Flower Park

Kagoshima Flower Park 

Kagoshima Flower Park is a flower park located in Ibusuki, Kagoshima Prefecture. They have own theme which is “A symphony of flowers, wind, and light”, and the park exhibits various subtropical plants from South Africa and Australia by taking advantage of the fact that the park is surrounded by a natural pine forest with a moderate climate.

The park long about 500 meters, and going from one end to the other and back entails covering about three kilometers of walking trails. No worries, there is a free shuttle bus that travels through the park in a loop with departures about every 40 minutes, with the exception of a break around noon. For 500 yen per hour, it is also possible to rent a cart and travel around at one’s own pace.

In the greenhouse you may experience one of the largest flowers in the entire world, the amorphophallus titanium, and various tropical plants such as red sealing wax palms. In addition to flowers, there also have a viewing corridor where you can see Kinko Bay, a European-style indoor garden, and a Western style garden. Additionally, when most of the flowers are not in bloom in the winter, the park is lit up at night, making it a park you can enjoy all year long.

How to go?

To get to the park by public transit, take the JR Ibusuki Makurazaki Line to Yamakawa Station). From there take the bus headed for Kagoshima Kotsu Kaimon, and get off at the Flower Park Kagoshima stop.

By car, take the Ibusuki Skyline to Taniyama IC, and it is about a 1h30m drive from there. Free parking is available.

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