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Kagoshima Ohara Matsuri Event

Kagoshima Ohara Matsuri Event 

As we know in Kagoshima, there’s a lot of events happening. One of the most happening events is called as Ohara Matsuri event. This event is very lively and vibrant. Why? Because this is a dance parade event. In addition, this is the biggest and largest event in Kagoshima.

Ohara Matsuri vent held at Tenmonkan in downtown located at Kagoshima city. This event is attended by more than 20,000 people including local and international. One best fact regarding this event is that largest festival in southern Kyushu. All the dancers parade through the city. Usually, this event will be held on 2nd and 3rd November every year.

The main song of this festival is “Ohara-Bushi’ this is a local folk song. All the dancers wear different designs of outfits based on the team that they choose such as Yukata (summer style kimono) and Happi (festive overcoat). Mostly the design of the outfits is so colorful and beautiful. This can be seen if we record a video from the upper angle. The view will be so colorful with a lot of people dancing yet it is so exciting. Foreigners that visit here must visit Kagoshima, especially in autumn to experience this exciting moment.

Below are two main points of this festival.

  1. So-Odori

This is the main event of Ohara Matsuri involving 20,000 people dance along Kagoshima local song called ‘Ohara-Bushi’. The choreography also is so meaningful and full of historical events that are very unique and exciting to see.

  • 2. Ogojo Taiko
  • ‘Ogojo’ means woman. This is a Kagoshima dialect. In a deep meaning is Ogojo Taiko is a beautiful and spectacular taiko drum performance put on by a woman.

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