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Kamikochi – The Unbelievably Scenic Mountain View In Japan

Kamikochi – The Unbelievably Scenic Mountain View In Japan 

You might be wondering where can you visit in Japan after the Covid-19 ended, looking for a place which is less crowded,far away from the hustle and bustle of city, the answer is you should go somewhere closer to nature,and a good answer will be visiting Kaminochi – one of Japan’s most scenic mountain!
It’s located at Nagano Prefecture, 3 hous by bus traveling from Nagano station, or 1 hour 30 minutes traveling from Matsumoto.

3 Reasons to Visit Kaminochi

1) It’s really scenic! 

Kaminochi is considered a treasure for true nature lover, the beautiful landscape is well preserved and attracts 1.2 millions people annually (it won’t be crowded because they have control in the number of people entering and the place is very wide as well).
If you happened to visit Japan in October, but would like to see beautiful maple leaf that has already reached full bloom, this is the place to go! 

Kappa Bridge 河童橋

Taisho Pond 大正池

Hotaka Mountain Range

2) The temperature is very cool!Because it’s situated 1500 meter above sea level, the temperature is 5-10 degree lower than in Matsumoto city, the temperature can be as low as 1 degree in the early morning, but in general the temperature is about 20 degree at noon (varies by month)
Even when you are traveling in summer time, if you wish to escape from the hotness of the summer, you can have a day trip travel to this lovely mountain area, the temperature is below 20 degrees even during summer season.

Make sure you are wearing clothes that can keep you warm even at temperature as low as 10 degree, it is also advisable to bring rain clothes if you are visiting in June and July. 

3) Experience True Nature 
Cars are not allowed to enter Kamikochi since 1975 to reduce the effect of exhaust gas from polluting the area. It has also be designated a Special Natural Monument to protect on 21 types of animals and 30 types of plants. 

Wood Forget-me-not 

Bird watching

You might find some wild animals along the route too

With all these reasons, now lets look at the typical tourist route to explore Kamikochi;Leisure Strolling Route

Image source: Ministry of the Environment of Japan
(Number labeling and English name are done by me :D)

Taking a direct bus to Taisho Pond as staring point, and follows the route according to the ascending order of the number above will be a good leisure strolling route. 
The last stop marked No.7 is the Bus terminal nearby Kappa bridge. 

Spot 1: Taisho Pond 大正池

Spot 2: Tashiro Pond 田代池

Spot 3: Weston Relief ウェストン碑

Spot 4: Kappa Bridge 河童橋

Spot 5: Dakesawa Wetland 岳沢湿原

1. By Public Transport
There’s only one local bus that leads toward Kamikochi, the route map is as below

Image Source: ALPICO kotsu Co., ltd

This is the local line bus departing from Matsumoto bus terminal, operated by Alpico Kōtsū
i. Make your way to Matsumoto station ii. From Matsumoto station, take train to Shin-Shimashima (30 min, 710 Yen)

Image source: Hyperdia

iii. From Shin-Shimashima station, take direct bus to Kamikochi (1 hour, 2500 Yen)

Photo source: hossy_ski_passion

2. By Direct BusThere are direct buses departing from Tokyo and Osaka, the departure locations are as below;1. Shinjuku2. Shibuya3. Tokyo station4. Osaka5. Kyoto
The direct bus is named as Sawayaka-Shinshu-Go さわやか信州号, also operated by Alpico Kōtsū.
Reservation is required for the direct bus, details can be found on their official website.
Note that the direct bus towards Kamikochi is departing at the night time, which means you will be reaching there in the morning as early as 5 am. 


Kamikochi is really a scenic attraction for it being listed in The Michelin Travel Green Guide, if you are looking for an escape to see the beauty of our mother nature, Kamikochi is definitely your choice.


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