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Lexis Hibiscus – One night isn’t enough! – An honest review

Lexis Hibiscus – One night isn’t enough! – An honest review 

I have been wanting to write about this since Ramadhan 2019! I was tempted to have a good stay near the beaches without straying too far from KL, and my teammates at work recommended me to visit Lexis Hibiscus, so I’ve decided to stay a night there last Ramadhan!

During the Ramadhan period the rooms usually have nicer rates than usual times so I have decided to visit with a good friend of mine, just to take a good break from work.

lexis hibiscus port dickson

The hotel itself is shaped like our national flower – Hibiscus. No wonder it’s Lexis HIBISCUS!

After driving and dining in A&W on our way to Port Dickson, we checked in at 3pm with a crazy queue. The staff were professional and managed the queue properly, and helped us to check a couple of stuff to ensure smooth progress.

You’ll receive a welcome drink upon check in, and you get to choose from a couple of the selections. I asked them to just serve whatever that is highly recommended and it was pleasant!

I booked their room with an indoor pool for us – comes with two king size beds. I’d say that it’s suitable for families because the room’s really spacious! I mean, just look at the (poorly-taken) panorama photo I took:

The room also comes with separated shower and bathtub, and a toilet on the other end of the room. There’s also a TV where you can view various movies but all my friend and I did was just watching Aquaman before bed (lol). They actually had a cushioned seat at the back that wasn’t shown clearly in the photo. It’s big enough for a kid to sleep on it!

There are also other facilities here! If you are staying at the water villas you can use the buggy services too. But just the thought of waiting for buggy made me lazy (this is definitely what peak laziness look like), we are content to stay in a hotel room with indoor pool because it’s attached with the main building and we don’t have to wait for the buggy!

JPark’s inflatable stuff are free to use for 20 minutes!

Since the drive was tiring, my friend took a nap while I tried to surf the internet with my laptop and my first disappointment kicked in: the wi-fi connection and mobile data was so slow… I mean they had a space for LAN cable but I was too lazy to leave the bed (my bad lol) – perhaps they can improve on that part (Also I hope they improved after my lengthy feedback to their staff…).

They had a fruit basket with fresh fruit, so I feasted on the fruits and snacks instead.

After we’re done with naps we strolled around and saw that there will be fire shows! There is also a food street with hawker stalls, but not many stalls were open (because of Ramadan period I suppose) along the beach side. You will also walk past some pools, the gym and some play area here, but we got hungry.

So… we decided to have food, without playing with any of the facilities downstairs (sobs) and they had a couple of restaurants that serves different types of food, ranging from high-end courses to buffets, but there was a restaurant that I really wanted to visit, so we ended up heading out to famous restaurants that are about 15 minutes of drive by Grab since it wasn’t easy to find a parking on a surprisingly busy day.

We planned to come back to the hotel after dinner but man, Grab isn’t easy to call after leaving the hotel. We ended up walking to a petrol station and requested a taxi driver planning to head home to send us back, only to learn that this area doesn’t have much Grab drivers past 7PM. So I guess we were lucky to meet him, but a little saddened that we missed the fire show – but it wasn’t a big deal, because…

I only had my daytime pool photo, oops.

The cold waters is what I was here for! So we spent the night floating around the pool, wishing we grew taller to have a better view from what’s below (we stayed on a floor where it is not easy to look down from the inside of the pool), and wondering if it’s feasible to have the TV being projected to the ceiling as I float in the waters for hours. The view from their water villa would be great so I recommend staying in one of those if the budget fits!

There was a live band performing in the pool bar downstairs as we relax in our rooms too. There’s also a sauna that I never used because I really like being in the cold water (this might sound crazy to some, but I really enjoyed it!) while spacing out and enjoy the moment.

A tip I’d recommend is to use one of the hotel towers to dry yourself (it’s something I always do – probably many Chinese families too) before walking back to the room since the room is big! You’ll walk quite a bit to the toilet after long hours in the waters, and the toilet is at the entrance’s side, separated with the bathroom so if you don’t dry yourself up you’ll see wet floor (possible slipping hazard if you run? Esp to kids).

After that we watched Aquaman and had a good rest. The bed was nice (is there a king-sized bed that isn’t nice, though?), a little soft so I think many kids would like it! For those with a bad back, it’s also comfortable to sleep facing down too (I can attest because I have a bad back but I slept my way until 9AM next day)!

Another view before going home

My room included breakfast buffet – It was okay, some of the items are delicious and you get laksa, omelette and roti canai made for you!

Always request for an omelette and you’ll know if their food is good or not.

My all-time hotel buffet motto

It’s good, but like the okay-kind of good. I was a underwhelmed because Lexis Hibiscus is a 5-star hotel but it was made by a trainee and it’s a busy Sunday morning. I believe it’ll get better!

Also the rest of the breakfast was okay, but since we came a little late so we didn’t enjoy the best we could. The pasta was cold but the rest are all good.

No matter who you are, I would recommend staying more than a night to have a great experience and use their facilities! There is a kids area suitable for families with kids, karaoke lounge that suits groups of friends, and even a spa (paid activity). They also offer VR games and photo booths for taking pictures. You can also rent bicycles, yoyo cars, and even a segway! You can also enjoy archery, jet ski, banana boat, kayaking and more here. Oh! Also if you are looking for a unique experience, they have helicopter tours too! And then we checked out and returned to KL after dropping by another nearby beach.

Image may contain: 1 person, smiling, standing, ocean, sky, outdoor and nature
Us at Pantai Teluk Kemang, Port Dickson

TL;DR Summary

  • Pros:
    • Good services, friendly and attentive front desk staff;
    • Lots of facilities – family friendly;
    • Spacious room, comfortable bed, cooling room;
    • Plenty of activities to keep your day busy;
    • Affordable helicopter tours that isn’t easy to find elsewhere
  • Cons
    • Internet connection was disappointing – Bad telco connectivity (but this is the service provider’s problem, not the hotel’s);
    • A little underwhelmed by breakfast.
  • Recommendations
    • Would recommend more than a night to enjoy more of their facilities to enjoy this place;
    • Recommended to drive here for good access anywhere.
    • Bring spare slippers – you’ll need them.
  • Other comments
    • Would stay again but with at least 2 nights on the water villas for the views and enjoy different activities
    • The hotel would need better quality control to maintain its 5-star rating.

Let us know in the comments if you find this review helpful! 🙂

See you again in our next post!

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