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Marutake Sangyo: Kagoshima Armor Craftsmanship

Credit: kagoshima-kankou.com

Marutake Sangyo can be described as a complex which has a museum, factory and traditional Japanese garden that are paradise for fans of history and craftsmanship.

Do you know that this complex is the manufacturing site of 90% of the traditional armor and props for Japanese TV dramas and movies, including Kurosawa classics.

Here, you can watch in front of your eyes the skilled artisans work metal, embroidery cloth and paint materials to create samurai outfits. You can dress up as well as a samurai and have your photo taken to show off on your instagram!

Credit: kagoshima-kankou.com

Marutake Sangyo has historical buildings modeled on a 16th century Japanese castle town. They have three famous large workshops where authentic armor is repaired, and original replicas are made. Some projects are also used in events and historic sites across the country in other regions like Nagoya Castle, Osaka Castle and Meiji Jingu Shrine. The most impressive thing, their items are also available for sale in the on-site shop and online!

Credit: kagoshima-kankou.com

Every craftsperson is proficient and very dedicated in creating a certain armor part or carrying out a specific task, such as making the helmet, coloring, adding detailed finish, or painstakingly constructing a chainmail jacket.

Visitors will understand the high-quality craftsmanship as each process, including attaching metal fittings and making sleeves, is done by hand. To be true, everything that you do fully with your soul will have an impact on others.

Credit: kagoshima-kankou.com

Almost 50 samurai domains are collected in the exhibition hall which displays samurai armor worn during the 15th century. Our kids also can enjoy the historic games that were popular at that time and try on samurai costumes at the adjacent building . There is also a souvenir shop, tearoom and restaurant as a complete set of accomodations for a visitor. For a free entrance, Marutake Sangyo should be visited when you come to Kagoshima!

How to get there? It’s just approximately. 20 minutes by car from JR Sendai Station (Kagoshima’s Sendai, not the one in Tohoku!) or 60 minutes by car from central Kagoshima City. It will be open everyday from 9:00am~5:00pm.

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