Meet Guribu – The Kagoshima Mascot

Meet Guribu – The Kagoshima Mascot 

Do you know that Japan has kawaii mascots to promote each city or prefecture. 

Every year, Japan will held the yuru kyara contest where these mascots are gathered to participate and get chosen as the official mascot of the particular city or prefecture depending on the votes. 

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Once chosen, they will then be used to promote the city’s attraction, food, culture. You can see them during festivals, events, parks or in the mall.

Photo credits: The Culture Trip 

In Kagoshima there is Guribu. The name Guribu comes from the word guriin (green) and buta (pig). 

Photo credits: 薩摩150・SATSUMA150

Garibu debuted in 2011 with a combination of the famous food in Kagoshima which is the kuro buta (black pork). 

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Also, Guribu’s eyebrows are just like the Kagoshima’s revolutionary hero, Saigo Takamori. He Has a personality of a little reckless and bold. 

Not to mention, it’s special ability is the Guribu dance where you can see the performance during the festival or events held. 

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If you are planning to visit the Yoshino Park, you can spot him right away at the entrance!  

Photo credits: Kagoshima Love 

Don’t forget to have a photo with him whenever you spot him in Kagoshima!

Let’s explore the wonders of Kagoshima! 

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