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Satsumaage: The Fried Fish Cake, Loved by All
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Satsumaage: The Fried Fish Cake, Loved by All 

Sastumaage(fried fish cake) is a dish that is so popular in Kagoshima, that it deserves a whole new article just to talk about it. 

Originated from Kagoshima, this fish cake is a specialty in the Satsuma region and is known by different kinds of names across Japan. It is made of Surimi, a kind of paste generally made of fish, and flour. Simple ingredients but are absolutely delightful to eat after seasoning it with salt, sugar and some other spices, then molding it into different shapes.

If you wanted to try Sastumaage fresh, the only place you can truly taste its freshness will be no other than Kagoshima itself. The difference? You’ll get the natural salty and sweet flavor of the fish from a fresh Satsumaage! 

Of course, there are more than just a single type of Satsumaage. If we are talking about the classics, they are fried until you see a beautiful golden brown layer on the outside with whites in the inner side. 

If you think that frying would make Satsumaage crispy – it might not be what you imagined. The frying actually makes the paste to hold together, giving it a nicer biting texture while also brings out the flavor and scent! 

Another thing about the Japanese is that, their creativity will never cease to amaze you! There are also Satsumaage that has vegetables outside of it, and some has vegetables within the fish cake itself! 

If you are looking for Satsumaage in Kagoshima, no worries! You can find them in restaurants, supermarkets and even at food stands (remember the yatai in our previous post?). Different places will sell Satsumaage differently – in terms of size and flavor, so be sure to try them at different places to find your favorite place! 

What kind of local food do you want to try in Kagoshima, or even Japan itself? Let us know!

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