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Simple steps to prepare for your trip to Japan

Simple steps to prepare for your trip to Japan 

Simple steps to prepare for your trip to Japan

1. Book your flight online or with a Travel Agent

Booking flight can be easily done through many airline websites such as Air Asia, Malaysia Airlines, All Nippon Airways and many more.

2. Book your accommodations

Other than hotels, there are plenty of other options such as Airbnb, capsules or ryokan
Accommodation can be booked through Expedia, and many more

3. Buy Japan Rail Pass (JR Pass)

If you’re planning to travel outside from Tokyo, getting a JR Pass recommended.
You can freely ride all the JR Trains and even bullet trains and will save you a lot

4. Read blogs and study a bit about Japan or specifically the place that you wanted to go

Blogs that share about Japan will help you a lot before going the place yourself
Try to visit Japan Guide or seek help from any Travel Agent that is familiar with Japan

5. Plan your trips using map

Try using Hyperdia or Google Map to plan out your itineraries
Hyperdia can show you which train should you take to go to another place

6. Take a pocket wifi or travel sim with you

Rent a pocket wifi or buy a travel sim from any Travel Agent in your country
Internet data are important nowadays as they are convenient and necessity as free wifi is limited in Japan

7. Bring some cash with you

Japan isn’t a credit card friendly as other countries
Most shops only take cash

8. Learn some basic Japanese language

Most Japanese know a little English, but prepare with some simple phrases:
Sumimasen = Excuse me
Arigatou = Thank you
Hai’ = Yes
Konnichiwa = Hello
Onegaishimasu = Please


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