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Heading to Genting Highlands? Try these noodles in Ulu Yam, recommended by locals

Heading to Genting Highlands? Try these noodles in Ulu Yam, recommended by locals 

Malaysia has always been a hot country, but we are blessed with a cooling place with a lot of fun – Genting Highlands!

If you are driving all the way up, it’s time for me to recommend something from my maternal hometown – Ulu Yam Lama! The route is scenic with lush greenery, so it’s a pleasant drive. Not to mention, there’s also a waterfall where you can enjoy the cooling waters!

Sungai Tua Waterfall

Whenever we talk about Ulu Yam, the first thing in mind is always the Lor Mee. Lor Mee is a noodle dish made using thick, flat noodles served with a dark gravy that is starchy and made with eggs and soy sauce. If you love additional aromas, consider adding lard pieces and pork meat slices (not halal), you’ll be hooked!

Though also optional, I always liked adding vinegar into Lor Mee to give it an extra flavor, and some fishcakes as a side dish. This is also what makes Lor Mee in Ulu Yam more special than other regions.

There are many restaurants that serves Lor Mee in this small place of Ulu Yam, but the following two places that my family and I would recommend and dine in, whenever we return to Ulu Yam or visit Genting Highlands. (Yeah, only two. You didn’t read wrongly. There are many restaurants here but honestly after trying them all since I was a kid, we are stuck with only two of them now because they are good).

1. Swee Yen

Swee Yen is the usual restaurant that we would dine in, one of the reasons is that their noodles has a nice texture, and also cooked with vinegar so it hits our cravings really well. Not to mention, they also serve fishcakes that are so nice we would even tapau back to KL! Their fishcakes are fried on the outside and is made of “sai dou” (wolf herring in English), soft in the mouth, pleasant to chew, seasoned just enough and makes you addicted. Definitely a must-try!

All-time childhood favorite

They also serve Hokkien mee, which uses similar noodles but instead of the starchy sauce, it is fried and has even darker, savory sauce which is also another favorite of mine. I could finish many portions that I each time we had to order extra, and even tapau new ones to KL!

Lor Mee, Hokkien mee, Hokkien mee in a small bowl

Address: No. 38 Jalan Besar, Hulu Yam Lama, 44300 Batang Kali, Selangor (Google Maps)

2. Hock Choon Kee

Just down the same road it is Hock Choon Kee (my relatives here calls it Hock Kee that sounds similar to “blessings” in Hokkien), another place that our family will go to, especially when Swee Yen is too packed and we are too hungry, or when Swee Yen is closed.

It’s crowded over weekends and festival times, especially during lunch hours! It’s not crowded without a reason too, their noodles also taste good! Though sometimes the taste can vary at different times but you won’t be wrong as long as your order Hokkien Mee and Lor Mee!

This is how Lor Mee looks like

Besides, Hock Kee also claimed to be the first place for Lor Mee, established since 1946! One thing that I also like about their noodles is that, they are all homemade! So it’s their signature dish for sure.

However, their Hokkien Mee is also no joke, and from time to time snatches the ‘star dish of the day’ title from their Lor Mee! Their Hokkien Mee has this ‘wok hei’ (basically the ‘aura’ from the cooking wok, a compliment for whatever food that is served) that would keep your tastebuds happy – especially when they use pieces of pork lard for the extra aroma!

Hokkien mee

Address: 22, Jalan Besar, Ulu Yam Lama, 44300 Batang Kali, Selangor (Google Maps)

Will you take a different route to Genting next time?

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