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#Virtual Experience – Akihabara the paradise for Gamers and Anime Lover

#Virtual Experience – Akihabara the paradise for Gamers and Anime Lover 

Tour Duration : 1 hours

Remarks: This is a virtual walking tour via ZOOM

Akihabara has been known formally as an electronics quarter, but the city has now become a unique sightseeing place to enjoy Japanese sub-cultures such as animations and games.

On this tour you will experience to popular sightseeing spots related to animation and games first hand. This tour will start either from 11.00 AM or 2.00 PM. The duration of the tour will be under 1 hour time. These are the stop points covered :

Spot 1 # Akihabara Station

© JRail Pass

Akihabara Station is located in the Chiyoda ward of Tokyo. The area is known as a lively shopping district, with many stores specializing in electronics and otaku, the diehard anime and manga fandom.

Spot 2 # Popular anime and figure shop

© Flickr

The guide will choose a selections of anime & figure shop to visit in which the viewers could be able to see the items offered from the shops visited. Direction will be given as accordingly to where are the shops are situated. 

Spot 3 # Akihabara Main Street

© Live Japan

Then, the guide will bring the viewers around Akihabara Main Street and talk about the geek cultures inside Akihabara and ways to experience them for upcoming future.

Spot 4 # Crane Game Challenge

© Live Japan

After that, the guide will go to a game store to play the Crane Game Challenge. Viewers would be able to play along with the guide virtually while interacting through the platform.

Spot 5 # Visit a Maid Café

Maidreamin Akihabara
© Tokyo Cheapo

Final stop would be attending the Maid Cafe and viewers would be able to see one of the main experience in Akihabara which waiter serve their customer in maid costume. 

The tour will finish at 11.00 AM for the morning session or 3.00 PM for the evening session. 

For more details, visit us on Japan Virtual Experience Tour

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