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#Virtual Experience – Walking through Asakusa, the Heart of Tokyo

#Virtual Experience – Walking through Asakusa, the Heart of Tokyo 

Tour Duration : 1 hours

Remarks: This is a virtual walking tour via ZOOM

Asakusa is in the center of Tokyo’s part of the city and and emits of old Japan’s scenery. This VR tour covers the places like the famous Sensoji Temple, Nakamise Streets and few tips from our guide along the way.

This tour will start either from 10.00 AM or 2.00 PM. The duration of the tour will be under 1 hour time. These are the stop points covered :

10:00 : Azumabashi Bridge

Azuma-bashi Bridge is one of Asakusa’s most historic icons, above the Sumida River and connecting the Sensoji Temple area with Tokyo Skytree,. The first construction of the bridge was built in year 1774 which very old, however the bridge have been into many reconstructions over the years. 

10:10 : Kaminarimon


Kaminarimon is the outer of two large entrance gates that  leads to the Sensoji Temple alongside the statues of the Shinto’s God. Fujin, the god of wind, is located on the east side of the gate, while Raijin, the god of thunder, is located on the west side.

10:20 : Nakamise Streets


The Nakamise Shopping Street stretches over approximately 250 meters from Kaminarimon to the main grounds of Sensoji Temple. More than 50 shops offer local specialties and the various types of tourist souvenirs along this street. The guide will recommend shops where you will be able to have a snack while walking down the Nakamise Shopping Street.

10:30 : Sensoji Temple


Sensoji Temple is Tokyo’s most famous and popular temple. It is also one of the oldest temple inside Tokyo, although the current buildings standing right now are from postwar reconstructions.

11:00 : Tour Finish

The tour will finish at 11.00 AM for the morning session or 3.00 PM for the evening session. 

For more details, visit us on Japan Virtual Experience Tour

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