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Malaysia’s first Don Don Donki at Lot 10 Kuala Lumpur – What to expect?

Malaysia’s first Don Don Donki at Lot 10 Kuala Lumpur – What to expect? 

The reveal of the exterior of Don Don Donki at Lot 10 has raised the attention of many especially those who are a big fan of Japanese related stores.

At the entrance of Lot 10 – Feb 2021

What is so exciting is that it’s not a small store but a three floors store, which indicates more items and varieties. However, we understand that many franchise stores that are opened at overseas will not resemble 100% as in the origin country.So what should we expect at the first Don Don Donki at Malaysia?
Firstly we look at the nearest Don Don Donki to Malaysia, which is at Singapore and Thailand.There is a 2 floors Don Don Donki at Thailand (DON DON DONKI Thonglor), and Singapore’s largest outlet at City Square Mall, which  occupies 2,415 square metres.
The items sold will likely to be similar and lets check it out the interesting one here!

1: Kit Kat – Japanese flavors that you have never tried before

Photo Via TripCanvas, EventPass

One of the famous souvenirs from Japan is their wide selection of Kit Kat flavors,from Sakura, passion fruit, hojicha, dark matcha, to Sake, you will probably find a whole rack full of different flavors of Kit Kat and it’s definitely something interesting to buy for everyone!

2: 3D Laundry Gel Ball

Image from

This is a famous Japanese detergent, even tourists are searching for it every time they travel to Japan, it can be understand as a detergent of higher efficiency and proven to reduce the wrinkles on clothes.

3: Wide variety of Japanese beauty items

Photo Via Event-Pass

Some examples are Suisai Beauty Clear Powder, Breath Palate Flavoured Toothpaste, Kiss New York 3D Make-up Sponge

4: More Japanese instant noodle

Photo Via TripCanvas, EventPass

There are already quite a wide selection of Japanese instant noodle available at Malaysia, but there might be more choices here that you have have never tried before! It’s hard to get tired of the new flavor of ramen!

5: Misuzu Oinari San

Photo Via TripCanvas

Now you can DIY the taufu/beancurd skin with the ingredient imported from Japan! It’s probably going to taste even better than the one in restaurant because the sweetness balance are engineered in Japan.

The floors structure might follow the Taiwan’s outlet because it has 3 floors design too.Lets have a look at the Taiwan’s floor structure:-1st Floor: Cashier, Donki Discount Item, Japanese freshly cooked food

Image from Don Don Donki Taiwan

2nd Floor: Fruits, Raw meat, Fish, Cooked food, Beverage and Alcohol

Image from Don Don Donki Taiwan

3rd Floor: Snacks, Cosmetic Item, Toys, Household Item, Clothes

Image from Don Don Donki Taiwan

Nevertheless, we are closer and closer to the opening of Malaysia’s first Don Don Donki,it’s going to be a big relieve to the Japan Travel Maniac here.
Stay tune on our blog for the review after the official opening! 

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