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Yakushima: Ōsumi Islands in Kagoshima – Japan’s Most Spectacular Views

Yakushima: Ōsumi Islands in Kagoshima – Japan’s Most Spectacular Views 

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Recognize as a World Natural Heritage Site, Yakushima is a round-shaped island situated approximately 60 km south from the southern end of Osumi Peninsula in the southern part of Kagoshima prefecture. 


There are as many as 6 mountain peaks over 1,800m high including the Miyanoura-dake which is the highest mountain in Kyushu, also known as ‘Alps on the ocean’. Having much rainfall throughout the year, the island is covered with lush green forests which are home to many Yaku cedars. 


Some cedars live over 1,000 years old and thus creating a mysterious atmosphere. Its pristine coastline and crystal-clear waters continue to attract tourists from all over the world. The island’s climate ranges from subtropical to subarctic. And it is this unique mixture of climates which has created Yakushima’s stunning wildlife.


With amazing nature view, why not you try once arrive in Kagoshima. Sure, it will be great moment and experience in your life!

How to go Yakushima?


  1. Kagoshima Airport is a 115 minute flight from Haneda Airport.
  2. Kagoshima Airport is a 75 minute flight from Osaka International Airport.
  3. Kagoshima Airport is a 95 minute flight from Chubu Centrair International Airport.
  4. Kagoshima Airport is a 75 minute flight from Naha Airport.

High Speed Boat / Ferry

  1. The high speed boat terminal is about 55 minutes by bus from Kagoshima Airport.
  2. Yakushima’s Miyanoura Port is about 110 minutes by nonstop high speed ferry from the high speed boat terminal.

Let’s travel to Kagoshima!

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